All Male, All Nude, All Now - Floopy Rooster Brings Something New To Local Nightlife Scene

June 1, 2014




(Photo Credit: | Lya Andrinova)
By Antwyone Ingram


With its Grand Opening scheduled for January 23, plus some having already enjoyed sneak peek preview nights, Floppy Rooster is set to spice up the South Florida nightclub scene.

Featuring all-male, all-nude entertainment with a broad range of performers, it will be unlike any other venue in Miami-Dade County. Located at 7018 NW 72 Avenue in Miami, Floppy Rooster promises to further heat up South Florida evenings.


Prior to the Grand Opening, Wire Magazine spoke with Paolo Pincente, Floppy Rooster’s director, to see what guests can expect at the new nightlife spot.


Antwyone Ingram: What inspired you to open Floppy Rooster? 

Paolo Pincente: I have been in the business for many years (not going to age myself), and I have always loved the adult portion of the hospitality industry. It’s such a different animal. There’s nothing like it. I was asked to be the controller of the new Vivid Live adult complex to help out the owner. Attached to the property is a 5,000 square foot additional room that was not being used. I asked the owner if I can build my brand and he said yes. I was looking for a home and now found it.


AI: How did the name Floppy Rooster come about? 

PP: My concept is simple. I wanted to find a name that stuck out, made you giggle and make you think, “That place sounds like fun” – but that also made you know what the place was immediately. I started looking for other words that described penis, and rooster is one of them. Then I thought about what penises do well – they flop. However, also the crown of a rooster is called a flop. You can guess where I went from there.


AI: How will Floppy Rooster compare to neighboring all-male revues? 


PP: I have decided to run Floppy Rooster like its bigger sister, Vivid Live: clean dressing room, take care of the entertainers, moderately priced drinks and good food. I don’t like to compare myself to other places. I prefer to play my game and not theirs.


AI: How did the idea of having a restaurant in this particular setting come about? 


PP: All good high-end strip clubs have good food. Vivid Live came with a huge kitchen. I am modeling myself after the big strip clubs, like Rachel’s in West Palm and Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, where they are known for their food. My boys work out a lot and get hungry, so I am grateful that the kitchen is here.


AI: How many and what kinds of dancers can guests anticipate seeing at the Grand Opening and beyond? 


PP: I believe that the more diverse a group of dancers there is, the better. Within the gay community, there are so many cliques of men that like different types of men. There are men that like twinks and we have them, there are men that like muscle and we have them, there are men that are into frat boys, have a couple of those, bears, otters, tall and lanky, Latino, African American, we will mix them in too. It will be very rare if ever there isn’t a type of rooster for you.


AI: Is there anything else you would like to share with Wire Magazine’s readers? 


PP: We are a strip club first, but we also want to be a place for gay men in west Miami-Dade County to come and frequent often. We are creating a Cheers-like atmosphere that is welcoming as well as provocative. We are community minded and are looking forward to interacting with different groups around town. Don’t be surprised if you see us at Gay Pride 2014.


Floppy Rooster
Grand Opening Night
Thursday, January 23 at 8 p.m. 
7018 NW 72 Ave., Miami


This article was originally published in Wire Magazine Issue #4, 2014



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